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1.5mm thickness pipe 1.0-1.2mm thickness pipe flame retardant sponge sheath no flame retardant odorless eco-friendly EVA mats common EVA mats (odor) 1.5~3.0 thickness EPE for soft equipments 1.0~2.0 thickness EPE thick Polyethlene safety net thin safety net 8cm diameter thicked plastic ball 7cm diameter common plastic ball whole piece pressing wood mixed pressing wood (not durable) true color thick strings for net equipment dyed thin strings for net equipment

Details of Outdoor Playground :

Specification : Galvanized Steel Pipes, Aluminum Caps and Fasteners, LLDPE Plastic Parts
Product Size: 5448*3979*4337mm ASTM Safe Zone: 8448*6979mm Kids Capacity: 9 to 13 Recommended Age: 3 to 12 years old
Apply for: Amusement Park, Kindergarten, School, Residential Area, Day Care Center

Details of Indoor Playground :

Indoor Playground Online Inquiry Indoor Play Center LE.T5.309.140.00 Measurements (cm): 1300*1000*450cm(L*W*H) Packing Volume: 55cbm Age Range: 3-12 years old Capacity: 60-80 persons
Kids Indoor Playground Soft Play
Material Details:

1.Plastic Parts: LLDPE
2.Metal Parts: Galvanized Steel Pipe
3.PVC Soft Coverings
4.EVA Flooring
5.Clamps &Catchers: Aluminium


Customized Designs:

Basic ideas about indoor play center design:

  1. Age Range Think about what age group you are working with. Different age group have different skill sets and limitations.
  2. Expected capacity: How many children (or adults) will your playground need to hold? We can help you consider ways to improve capacity or spread the children out to more play events.
  3. Ancillary facilities required: Remember to think of things like party rooms, café area, vending area, rest area, etc.
  4. Design preferences, eg. the colors you like, etc.
  5. Any other ideas you come up with.